Awesome dashboard

‘Do I need an awesome dashboard?’ Yes.

Who Googles Dashboard templates? Awesome dashboards are coming out of Tableau Public each day.

As Freelance Tableau Consultants we are always looking for the best method of building amazing dashboards for customers like GoPro, Nielsen, Kroger, Etc.

Learn more about Tableau Public today. Most of these experts are heavy hitting data analysts.

Although sometimes I see some dated content because age comes before quality in ranking images and URLs.

The Awesome dashboard Hero
I love making awesome dashboards for clients. My favorite one was The Nielsen Company asking me on a call, “Did you make that in Tableau?” Haha! Yes, I did, thanks for the compliment. (shared below)

So, let’s jump in, we think the best dashboards come from floating visualizations in Tableau Desktop and clicking beyond the default format values. The most awesome dashboards can do a lot of data analysis without having to touch the software very much.

Clients like Kroger, The Nielsen Company, GoPro, etc. we have to stay on our toes and offer premium Tableau professional services. Tableau engagements I’m expected to tell them what they don’t know yet. I was the Tableau expert on optimization of images in Tableau all the way to optimizing the backend SQL.

If you haven’t tried to install it yet, I wanted to let you know that you can install Tableau Desktop for free right now!

Awesome Dashboards – Where are they?

We wanted to add to the collection of awesome dashboards! Sure we write about Tableau Logo and how to get it, but we also make awesome dashboards too.

Saving big money for tableau professional services is important to
The Nielsen Company was curious about the trip price analysis. So, we broke it down in excel, pasted in Tableau, and boom – they were more interested in 2 days onsite, easy win for their upper management team.

It’s a good idea for us to collectively push down these silly 3D charts as fast as possible – they are not as awesome anymore 1990’s!

So, we wanted to add to the collection! It’s a good idea for us to collectively push down these silly 3D charts as fast as possible.

If you’re like us, we google for inspiration and like to find good templates or starting points.

Whenever we take on a Tableau Desktop engagement, we are always looking to increase the value-add of our dashboard.

awesome dashboard for google traffic data by dev3lops tyler garrett
An awesome dashboard we use internally to keep up with our Google Analytics traffic data. Built by a Tableau Developer.

Finding Beautiful Dashboard Inspiration in 2017 – just google it.

Try to avoid getting the software immediately and have a method of seeking dashboard design templates.

UX Dashboard examples are online in the hundreds of thousands! If you’re not afraid to scroll and click around, you will learn dashboard UX best practices while also gathering valuable dashboard design principles.

Not much has changed in the past five years when googling ‘awesome dashboard’ or ‘cool, amazing, etc.’ We are looking to start swapping out these 3D charts for beautiful modern dashboards!

Even now I have to filter spam comments from people attempting to capitalize on this keyword!

That means we are doing something right! Thank you!

What are good dashboard design guidelines?

Always experiment and try something new. Just googling best dashboard design will only bring you SEO results.

Skip to page 5 or 6 and grab some of their free dashboard templates and screenshot the objects you can’t capture.

Now, I find myself googling things like an awesome dashboard, cool dashboard or sexy dashboard.

Bootstrap your Dashboard Design in BI Reporting Products

Whenever I’m working on a new dashboard, I wonder, how can I make this awesome dashboard. When I share this particular dashboard, how can I blow away my clients?

For me, this requires a lot of experimenting and pushing the product beyond the usual native layouts.

awesome dashboard by dev3lop's tyler garrett

Not sure what a Tableau consultant is? Check out – What does a tableau consultant do?

You can be a Tableau consultant from anywhere. Learn where you can be a Tableau Consultant too.

Take a look at Dev3lop’s Awesome Dashboard!

Our awesome dashboard only took a couple of hours to generate this in Tableau Desktop.

Find our Awesome dashboard here at Tableau Public, the free version of Tableau Online and Tableau Server.

In this use made up use-case, I’m pretending to call out Texas because I’m emailing my fake boss about how great our state is doing.

Thanks for checking out our Tableau Desktop dashboard. We will be sure to add more soon.
“Awesome dashboard” or “awesome dashboard”

Tyler’s Customer Touches – Another example of an Awesome Dashboard!

Here’s a visualization in a ‘mobile-ready’ format.

awesome dashboard mobile version
Dev3lop’s awesome dashboards. We have experience building responsive dashboards.

That’s another post on a different day.


We offer advanced content on the Tableau Community too.

Like; How to write Fast Calculations in Tableau Desktop, How to count wins in Tableau desktop.

We offer fun community challenges. Solutions to many to many using basic SQL.

Some call it a solution to dynamic parameters – which is the most requested product feature!

Also, we spend a good deal of time offering product feedback. We really know the product and love helping the community forum with all kinds of challenging usecases.

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