Why Tableau is Better than Domo – Domo’s Negative Client Acquisition Fails Hard

Want to know why Tableau is better than Domo? They just don’t know how to write fun Tableau related content.

Reading in between the lines on their latest landing page should tell you what you need to be investing your money and time into.

Oh, Domo. I did research this topic before doing this tech tutorial. Out of the 105,000,000 results (0.83 seconds on Google) for ‘is negative marketing good’ – we are finding a hard time finding any legit content stating this will be a successful venture. This depiction of a devil seems a bit much!

Domo cheats to rank, and has always cheated to rank because no one is talking about their bad product.

Domo is worse than tableau because Domo has only spammed links to earn traffic where Tableau generated a superior product - Tableau Help
Ever wondered why Domo resorts to Negative Campaigns? It’s because they don’t have a good marketing person – and never have. They outsourced their SEO to cheaters and had always cheated to rank, since birth this company started out using a link scheme because their product is inferior.

What can we learn from this Negative marketing? A couple of things.

Cheating to rank will get you nowhere. Well, it did get them 1 billion dollars pretty quickly, and it got Interworks to the #1 spot under Tableau. Okay, maybe a link scheme is the right direction? In our opinion, we feel cheating is a waste of time – because it’s not a long-term solution to web domain ownership. You can report both of them for spamming links to their website. That’s the only way to knock cheaters out of the way from a ranking perspective.

They are probably always negatively campaigning because they don’t have a qualified marketing expert on their team, and from judging the quality of their links, you can easily agree with us on this.

Domo doesn't know anything about safe seo practices and clearly their negative marketing is also worthless
Notice none of these websites make a bit of sense. They are using domains that are closed, and only being used for ranking purposes. These are low-quality links that do not help them rank well. Instead they are ranking with low-quality content because they think spamming links are safe.

“I know it’s grasping at straws for Domo to have any positive content.” Anon Comment on our Dev3loper live chat!

How do you know you’re acting upset in information technology? A question you don’t hear thrown around the water cooler, ever.

Boring ad campaigns that try to steer customers out of Tableau’s legit product and into a product that requires a developer… Is exactly how you can tell a company is in distress.

When you can easily see they only cheat to rank their domain, it helps clarify that they have never intended on generating any kind marketing. The cynical marketing is a coverup for their fake SEO authority.

Here comes Domo to help you Escape the Tableau Hell?

After developing solutions in business intelligence for my entire 20’s.

We also enjoy writing about fun stuff like dorky landing pages that are only generated to cover up their illegal link strategy.

Also, after 14 years of design – we have never seen anything this odd on the web.

Another fake website pointing at Domo to simulate ranking authority - tableauhelp lol
It’s odd because they don’t want you looking at their other marketing technique. Which is to spam links to their domain on fake websites like this one. There’s not a single logical piece of content on this entire blog. It was generated to rank websites and is not a significant chunk of material. Similar to their product. It’s a waste of time.

Domo with their oddball profit margins and Fake SEO.

We have have been writing all year here at Dev3lop about exciting trends, tutorials, and debunking lots of oddball content. Domo takes the cake this month.

Domo cutting at Tableau for customers has been one that we studied and laughed at daily.

And I’m happy to be the person saying what everyone is thinking.

Domo helps you escape the Tableau Hell? They must not have used Tableau before.

Domo trying out the new negative marketing campaign with this "how domo helps you escape tableau hell"
Domo is upset that Google Algorithm does not care about their low-quality links. So, Domo builds a landing page as sassy as the kid who got their ice cream knocked on the ground. Also, is that a devil? What does your bad side look like Domo and don’t you say cheating to rank? The product is so easy they don’t even show you a single image of it on the landing page.

Just remember before reading this, we did not get paid to write this, and someone at Domo paid someone to do this.

Domo depicts Tableau Software as a Devil Breathing fire.

Domo is depicting Tableau as a devil is not good content. So, Tableau changed the price and made it cheaper; now they are the devil? What logic is this Mr.Domo?

“Domo’s product is not usable by any businessusers – it’s no wonder they have to use

Domo is not baby safe.

We look at a lot of content as if our son would read it. That’s why it’s easy to say Domo is not kid friendly.

Pro Tip to Domo – post pictures with babies in it and learn about being a data analyst. My posts on LinkedIn with babies generated 800% more impressions than posting about boring tech tutorials.

domo is not safe for babies hero made by tyler garrett of dev3lop
WAAAA – Goes anyone at Domo reading this. But truthfully – Domo’s new fear tactic is not content I’d be happy if my child found. As a late father and blogger, founder, tableau consultant, etc.. I believe we should avoid this type of content 100%. Domo’s negative marketing campaign is not appropriate for our babies or youth in the data science space.

Spreading harmful content online or rumors about people, or companies – will always catch up to you. People speak, and word still travels back to your ears.

You probably feel how I feel when I see most of the people ranking on Tableau terms have used paid for backlink services to increase their ranking. But Domo, I don’t attack them,…

Oh that’s right I’m doing me, Domo.

Why is Tableau Better than Domo? Well – I’m going to dive into the details – after years of business intelligence consulting.

Learn about Austin SEO!

Domo can’t escape this, even after they delete the landing page.

When working with clients or businesses that have a website, I always do my best to teach them about available technologies.

So, when you’re starting out building their first WordPress blog – I always encourage you to check the Way Back Machine before purchasing domain names – during Website Service training sessions.

The same can be said when building content online. Do you want that to follow you?

Tableau Consultant Advice
“It has been years since I’ve heard anything coming from Domo. We shouldn’t be surprised the first time you hear about it is on your website!” (anonymous comment from a Solution Architect)

Why Tableau is Better than Domo by Dev3

Tableau is better and you don’t even have to look past this landing page to see it. They have their best testimony on the page. Stating “27 data sources in 2 months” is a good business intelligence project.

You should download Tableau desktop before any more of these landing pages are used because it has front end ETL.

Tableau shows you the product – Domo Will Not (probably because it’s overly complicated)

Didn’t hear me the first time? Well, negative marketing doesn’t work – Have a cup of coffee Domo!

If you need to save money on Tableau – use a company that doesn’t do negative marketing – and provides a free product that is easy to use. Something like Try Google Data Studio – which is in beta, truly amazing, and free.

They still can’t show you the product on the first page you land on because it’s not user-friendly enough to display. That means they have to rely on bad strategies to scrape up customers.

Just read the testimony below, it appears to be slower than products I was building big data warehouses on with clients 5+ years ago.

Domo shows us how to throw sand across the sandbox in today’s tech tutorial about marketing that won’t work for you.

My experience with Tableau Software shows it’s better than Domo by a long shot.

I won’t lie, I clicked on something that said ‘Something Something Avoid Tableau Hell’ – and I thought, “My life has been pretty sweet since learning about Tableau Software. Let’s see what Domo spent money for.”

domo quote about 27 data sources taking more than a few hours.
Sorry mate, I’m not impressed. I’ve trained adults 30 years older than me how to do this in Tableau without breaking a sweat or calling a break in the meeting. Domo shows us how slow the data phase takes, whoops.

When you use a testimony on your landing page, which is a very high dollar fancy landing page, I can only assume you’d want to use a quote that makes sense.

Here’s my quote in response.

“I’ve built Workbooks with 30+ data sources in <4 hours using A trial version of Tableau Desktop, and then needed to upgrade that Tableau desktop workbook, faster than the best testimony at Domo.”
Tyler Garrett
Founder of Dev3lop.com

Why did Domo Go Negative?

Here’s something you can google too, tons of great news about Tableau and their pricing change.

Just check out their stock right now.

Don’t need to be a data scientist or buy Domo to see that the Tableau Software stock has been on a steady incline, and Domo isn’t excited. Need I say more?

domo goes negative because of tableau software stock price spike
The recent news about Tableau Pricing being extremely useful and ultimately has paid off. Traders are responding positively to the Tableau stock, which has suffered many drops in its history. Domo saw this and thought, “we should make a negative landing page.” Brilliant.

Lean about Tableau Public Today


This strategy of negative marketing does not work. Let me type this again for the thousands of people reading our tech tutorials. Research shows that negative content isn’t a successful marketing strategy. It’s such a bad policy people have research on the impacts from a social psychology perspective.

“How similar are positive and negative affect? Are happiness and unhappiness opposite ends of the same continuum? Empirical marketing research generally reports separate positive and negative self-report consumer emotions. Recent research in social psychology calls this distinction into question and reasserts the bipolarity of human emotions. Despite the recent interest in consumer emotions among marketing researchers, the marketing literature has not addressed the issue directly. Two studies n= 334and n= 335 are reported that investigate this issue. The results suggest that positive and negative consumer emotions may sometimes, but not always, be distinct, and more importantly, suggest further studies. Additionally, evidence is presented that suggests that the respondent task may moderate correlations between positive and negative consumer emotions.”
From: Negative Emotions in Marketing Research: Affect or Artifact?
By: Barry J.BabinaWilliam R.DardenbLouisiana State UniversityShreveportbLousiana, and Laurie A.Babinb

With this many authors and authority on the topic, you’d imagine at some point someone at Domo would have this novel idea of researching topics before spending tens of thousands of dollars on this landing page. If we are going to take a note from Domo, it probably took 5months, and one person did it.

Working From Home is Possible if the Google Algorithm Worked

Negative Marketing and Negative Business practices

We spend a bit of time helping clients with negative solutions from unqualified consultancies or the key phrase Shadow IT.

Not a lot of people blog about negative trends because it invites hackers and attackers (I’m at 12 blocked hacks this year).

Negative trends in IT are going to start ramping up with this new AI thingy.

Along with Domo, I relate it to AI a bit.

“Hopefully, these negative marketing tactics chill a bit.”
Kris, Founder
kris harvey headshot

Yeah, me too Kris! Domo is an interesting company.

Tableau Server Automated Dashboard Image or Images

Testimony#2 – Consultant speaks about Domo and this negative Marketing strategy

Me: Check out this video on Domo being a sour grape.

“Domo has practiced negative tactics for a long time now. If they put more time and effort into their product instead of negative marketing then they could be a potential contender to the business intelligence market.”
Justin, Senior Consultant
image of justin wagner for quote on tableau better than domo and negative marketing

Other Good Tips For Domo, “Same team bro”

Let’s continue the path of solving problems together! Also, before publishing blogs and pages, here are some tips I like to abide by:

  1. Drink some coffee.
  2. Eat appropriately, or you’re going to be a sassy person and lose business. (Trust me – I’ve been in customer service since I was 14 years old, positive works more better.)
  3. Pick up some outdoor hobbies that help you release the tension.

I was taught to lead by example, and a positive piece of content could be similar to a tech tutorial I wrote, it’s to help end users 100%, and I earn nothing from it. It’s about Where you can be a Tableau Consultant and is Whiteboarding Important?

Helpful content boosts your business authority. Start there.

4 Steps – How to Embed Google Data Studio in iFrame

Check out some beautiful content built by our team.

Here’s a few links to beautiful content found online:

  1. Nature, art, photography.
  2. Beaches, nature, beauty.
  3. Content that makes you want to travel.
  4. Mind blowing views.



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