Leaning Google Drive Will Help You Work From Home.

Google Drive is your next step to increase your productivity and increase your free time. Learning Google Drive and more about the apps will help you jump into 2017!

We are excited to build more Google related blogs because it’s been very helpful for us in our Tableau Consulting engagements.

We use it to manage deliverables with large groups in meetings and during project sprints.

I use it religiously now and I’m only at 11gigs out of 15gigs.

Google Drive is growing!
Keeping track of all of Google Drives new additions would take a full time job!

Learning how to organize Google Drive is equally important.

Today’s modern tech space is merely a game of staying organized, documenting work, learning more efficient ways to accomplish tasks, and getting off your computer as much as possible. Any opportunity to put you on a mobile device is a chance to have more freedoms in your life.

Google Drive Helps You Work From Home!

Now more and more people are looking to start working from home.

If you’re looking to generate extra revenue, use Google drive to keep your content organized!

Good timing as working from home is proven to be the most efficient means for an employee to be successful.

Day and day people pack themselves on to the freeway, to work jobs around the world, that does not compensate them for the travel to and from work.

Google Drive Opens Doors For Self-Sufficient Technology Application

Furthering the need to be an active and self-sufficient employee or entrepreneur.

Whether you have no commute, and just looking to optimize your computer life style, or looking to find free time in your busy schedule, Google Drive is a sure fire way to do just that.

Learning Google Drive is because Ipad and iPhone apps are 5 stars!

Not only is the best tech company in the world building these apps, they are also generating the connectivity between them and 100% of the devices flow together.

Be sure you log in to your browser and start taking advantage of Google keeping track your browsing too.

These apps are great, plus it works flawlessly across touch pad devices such as iPad Mini and iPad Air.

Both of these devices are now my primary work computers when I’m on the move because I need to access data easily – why bother we anything else?

Google Sheets has saved my butt!

Without Google Drive and Google Sheets, I would be lost in a sea of documents on my computer!

My father in law recently asked me, “why don’t you just use excel on your computer?”

And I replied simply with, “Because if I need to use it, I have to get on the computer.”

He’s now moving his spreadsheet farm from his computer to Google Drive and is blown away by how easy the user experience is compared to Microsoft Excel.

What can I replace with Google Drive? Is it hard?

Let’s discuss the basics. Google Drive is accessible, and hands down the best suite of business applications on the market.

You can work on content with someone from around the world, in real time.

So, when you’re stuck in traffic, you can update your team or client on project updates from your night before!

Google Drive made my college career easier

Google Drive and the especially Google Docs made the last few years of college incredibly easy to keep up with.

So, Google Drive is accessible, and hands down the best suite of business applications on the market. You can work on content with someone from around the world, in real time.

Currently, Google Drive has three core applications:

Google Sheets, a replacement for Microsoft Excel.
Google Slides, a replacement for Microsoft PowerPoint.
And Google Docs, a replacement of Microsoft Word.

Google Drive great resource for business users or anyone looking to organize their life
Click here to go to Google Drives starting page.

Consider the necessity of these objects day to day. Like; Making cross tabs and data sets, making presentations or simply white boarding, and even the famous word document everyone keeps their resume in.

All of these known business objects are heavily utilized across today’s work space. Knowing Excel well can be a lifetime of job opportunities and endless amounts of work.

But Tyler, what about Microsoft Access? How do we replace that?

Afte being the database tutor at the University of North Texas, and my primary task was helping information system degree plans and finance degree plans with database technologies and data mining best practices.

All I can say about Microsoft Access is that it’s not a database.

Opening Google Drive and Setting up your Account.

Start by opening your Google Drive, if you don’t have a Google account or Gmail account, click here to follow along with Google’s Tutorial.

Once Google Drive is open for the first time, do your self a long term favor, click favorite! Favorite-ing your Google Drive will give you quicker access to your drive, and if you’re eager to have it 1 click away, begin adding it to your tool bar.

Seriously you need to have Google Drive front and center. You will migrate all of your local files to your Google Drive, and then have more free time away from the computer.

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