MongoDB Atlas —Install MongoDB Compass— 5 of X.

Importing a CSV into MongoDB Atlas, at last… We are actually getting ahead of ourselves, sorry. We guess things are about to get a little more technical. Please don’t skip this step. MongoDB compass seems important.

This is where jumping around shoots you in the foot. They made a product to help with the legwork. We can only hope that’s the case.

So, we mean to say, install MongoDB Compass… We really really hope this works.

Before we dig too deep into learning the command line code (honestly we were pretty far along in learning the command line code, and that’s when we remembered the MongoDB Compass tool)…

Install MongoDB Compass

Use the connect button again, under the overview tab.

Click connect to direct us to the MongoDB Compass.

Notice they have a ‘Connect with MongoDB Compass’ — boy howdy, we hope this lets me avoid touching code… For now, we feel safe. Let’s keep winging it.

Click on Connect with MongoDB Compass — let us all pray this avoids coding.

Then you’re given a menu… We’re using a MAC if you’re using windows…
Good luck and have fun. Chances are the user experience is nearly identical.

Here’s the connect to compass option, select your OS.

N, xt you’re going to be prompted with a few options… I’m going to go out on a limb, again, if you’re following along with me. You do not want to click anything else, other than… Download!!! Wing it, wing it!

Download that thing! Not sure what it is. Who cares, IN MEMORY BABY!!!!

Click Download. Your Download probably started. If you’re using chrome. You will see this. Chances are file size will be different if you’re not using MAC.

Woohoo. Pretty big installer size. Right? Maybe it does a lot of cool stuff, and keeps us from programming. It could be 5 gigs — as long as it keeps us from programming, this is grrreat!

Screenshot of the download, we know, we are dedicated. You betcha.

We are feeling pretty pro about screenshots for us to capture this one and blog at the same time. Just saying. Oh and don’t click any of these buttons. Just thought we would tell you incase you are considering it. MR/MRS.CLICKSTOOMUCH!

Okay, time to do the hardest step in the book! Drag and drop that green thing into the folder thing. You’re welcome.

Drag and drop it. And if you’re using Windows. Like I said before, good luck, and have a great time.

Here’s MongoDB Compass, chilling in my apps, and having a good old time. We absolutely love their logo.

It sort of crushes. Easy to spot. Keeping it simple, works.

What’s up MongoDB Compass. Welcome to my music production laptop. We would call you my work laptop but we don’t want to call this work. We are having fun, right? Now we are getting off topic.

If you have security stuff on your mac, you should be used to seeing this ‘are you sure you want to open,’ pop up.

Click Open. We vouch for MongoDB. They are good people, no worries.

Here comes something you’ll probably not read. They call it a license agreement, pssssh — I know right.

BROTIP: One day you will read all of this and enjoy knowing it.

This will probably change a little bit as the company grows. Check the time date. And read it!

Cool did you read all of it? They force you to scroll down — so hopefully you get into the habit of reading these things.

Click agree. Or disagree.. but this tutorial will not cover disagree. Just thought I’d take the time to explain.

Click agree… Don’t click disagree… Stop it… Very funny…

Okay, good you clicked agree.

Time for a slideshow. Here we go!

— — — — — — — — —

MongoDB Compass— Sidebar. Redesigned.

See with one glance what server you are connected to. Navigate between instance, database and collection level, with powerful filtering of your namespaces.

MongoDB Compass — sidebar. redesigned. I wonder what it used to look like?

MongoDB Compass — Interactive Document Editor.

Modify existing documents with greater confidence using the intuitive visual editor, or insert new documents and clone or delete existing ones in just a few clicks.

MongoDB Compass — Interactive document editor

MongoDB Compass — Visual Explain Plans.

Know how queries are running through an easy-to-understand GUI that helps you identify and resolve performance issues.

MongoDB Compass — Visual Explain Plans.

MongoDB Compass — Index Management.

Understand the type and size of your indexes, their utilization and special properties. Add and remove indexes at the click of a button.

MongoDB Compass — Index Management.

MongoDB Compass — Improved CRUD

Better editing with validation of individual BSON types.

MongoDB Compass — Improved CRUD

MongoDB Compass — Deployment Awareness

Replica set aware connections allow for continued use during replica set configuration changes and provides additional information of the connected cluster.

MongoDB Compass — Deployment Awareness

MongoDB Compass — Query History

Easily access and manage executed queries and save favorites for often executed queries.

MongoDB Compass — Query History

Click Get Started! See you in the next tutorial. Cheers.

If this doesn’t add CSVs to this database. We are going to punch a monkey’s uncle. We don’t know any monkeys, but if we did… That uncle better takes off this weekend.

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Step 6: coming soon. Something like… How to use the Compass tool? Who knows. Enjoy.