Why Outsourced IT to Qualified Experts Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

Whether it’s a reporting or building a website, we are your Outsourced IT.

If you need outsourcing done right, count on experts who have done it.

We have impacted revenue generation and money savings in enterprise companies for 10+ years and now offering that same level of expertise to everyone around the world!

A little bit about our Big Tech Company in Austin Texas!

Howdy from tech boom Texas. Dev3lop is a fast-paced secure going Austin Texas-based tech company. We are Technical Project Managers who love data and excited to offer any technical service to you live today. We provide enterprise level solutions backed with years of college courses, certificates, Masters, PhDs, and then there’s just a bunch of wizards who just love working from home!

Wouldn’t it be nice to dictate when work is accomplished?

Imagine at any time of the day you get an instant response. You will not need to wait for your service provider for weeks anymore. Only to be told something that is one google search away. We focus our team member on your engagement until it’s complete and you’re happy.

Dev3lop, LLC offer premium services to enterprise companies around the world, and discounted prices for local businesses in Austin, TX.

Finally affordable business intelligence options. We have Outsourced IT to experts – while you focus on building your business!

We will beat any outsourced technical service bid. Contact us and let us know what you’re paying for your Technical Business Services. We offer discounts for startups and non-profits.

We are excited and happy to manage your IT services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our 140+ experts are standing by and ready to help you today. The Dev3lop group is available to work in any time zone. 100% support is available.

More on Outsourcing

We understand business technology information systems and have taken many University courses. Because satisfaction is necessary, we only hired highly skilled qualified technical experts, to ensure customers gain solutions that last beyond our service engagement.

Talk with an expert immediately. Outsource IT today and stop wasting your time!

We have zero sales roles – No waiting – Just actions!

The Outsourcing IT Bubble

Are you looking to do some Outsourcing of your IT?

Outsourcing IT or technology services can be a mixture of tremendous and sour.

Delegating work to experts is the key to rapidly expanding, avoiding pitfalls, less bean counting in the future, and overall time savings.

The money equation comes into play when you have no earthly idea how to do the work.

Outsourcing Examples

If you were not the most proficient with a weed wacker, you might ask little Jimmy down the road to assist.

Well, the technology works the same way, except in the digital age, you can remote into anyone’s office digitally. This generates a considerable gap for anyone saying anything.

Studying Outsourcing Trends and Fads

We did a silly study after spotting a few outsourced teams were changing the amount they told us they had as teammates.

Contacted the same teams with different emails. Found ten organizations around the world, and 9 of them turned out to be nine individuals, not groups.

Another trend is very savvy salespeople finding out they can outsource work for marginal prices out of the country.

They have never worked a single technical project, and are landing customers with real-world needs.

The real dealer of shadow IT is unqualified professionals buying or selling these outsourced services.

Shadow IT is that topic everyone is discussing the effect, but never the causes!

Outsourcing risk factors

Being Tableau consultants, we understand outsourcing risk factors. We are the consultancy they call when other advisers crap out a proof of concept without documenting.

The risk factor is outsourcing teams are not all created equal, and there is no agency checking other BI firms.

What if the outsourcing team doesn’t document?

Welcome to my favorite clients. Padded by new solutions without a single document, and because of that have been paying their shadow IT team to keep things barely running.

Premium charges are coming from individuals that could have documented but instead built a gatekeeping role, welcome shadow IT.

We were recently invited to at a meeting with a 300million annual run rate customer.

Their lead shadow IT DBA challenged us when we said we needed to document more.

The DBA got upset because we were pointing out 15 years of undocumented work within one hour. And the problems kept rolling back to zero documentation.

He got flustered and said, “Do you document everything?”

Our response was simple, “Only if we want others to be able to use it again.” We come from enterprise consulting and not used to gatekeepers at this level of revenue generation.

This DBA had lost the company millions due to their inexperience with copy-pasting a few things in an excel spreadsheet. Millions per year are drained into experience dated two decades back, and nothing was ever documented.

Sometimes projects are not meant to succeed, and we never pursued the engagement again. We all realized there are bigger fish to fry.

Outsourcing risk is hidden risk

Customers never hear about this risk factor, they never hear about the entire consultancy has never taken a single day of any programming or data courses, and have never worked in a unique production environment. So, they have never implemented anything advanced.

Wonky companies can be bad deals for unknowing business owners, and that’s a business opportunity for these new companies.

From a digital perspective, it’s just easier to paste logos, make fake testimonials, and do all of that without ever implementing any technology.

Outsourcing to unskilled project managers – because they know the salesperson.

If you sell a services engagement and place a consultant, you are not automatically a wizard of agile methodology.

The customer sends you money, and the work begins. This does not teleport you to the future of 8 years of project management experience.

Instead, you’re a salesperson who sold a widget that you don’t understand. You might get things to work today, you might find an outsourced person for $8/hr, but you will never know if that outsourced team is real or fake. You can’t tell if an outsourced team is genuine or fake unless you see the technology.

So how do people outsource if they can’t determine if the team is real?

One thing you learn from consulting for years is that things break and expectations are always set incorrectly by people without any technical project or data experience.

Clients are quickly put in dangerous situations when the quality levels of the efforts are misbalanced too.

Imagine your salesperson is excellent, but your outsourced person has eight times more experience. That salesperson is going to look like the biggest waste of time and money, and often in typical enterprise engagements, clients will ask for their money back if they feel like they were duped.

Outsourcing generates a massive risk when seeing companies produced without a single onshore expert, and corporations legitimately collapse under the burden of spending thousands and thousands of unskilled and untrained hands.

Also, after meeting client after client and seeing what happens when customers are duped for decades. It seemed apparent someone needed to start looking for that transparency or calling them out for being scam artists.

Outsourcing turned into a fun data project

Here at Dev3lop we live and die by data, that’s why we have been taking time off to study and learn more about new digital trends. I know that’s crazy, a consultancy that takes time off to train and research.

What we noticed is we can have as many clients and customers as we could ever dream of, and it’s all relatively easy just requires a lot of quick clicks and strategies.

So, like any rational business owner, we wanted to start outsourcing to teams and take on more clients.

I like money, who would say no to more money!

We said no to outsourcing to fake teams

Fake Teams are generated by pre-sales or salespeople, who have not done any of the advanced work before, and have no idea what happens when one of these things break.

What you learn from consulting and programming is that things evolve and need extra attention. When your dashboard or website works today, what happens when it needs updates, what happens when that salesperson on the phone isn’t able to follow through?

How to fact-check outsourced teams

Ask for a picture, resumes, and to speak with the teammates and this is where the first rule of fight club pops up.

Never talk about who’s on the team, that’s against our company blah blah blah. Scam.

When you want to determine if the outsourced team is real or not, ask for details.

Personally, I found ten different teams from all around the globe and started asking them a lot of questions. Issues that were documented and the data just doesn’t match up.

Every team has the same offer, $8/hr and you pay up front for the month.

When asked technical scoping questions, easy questions we know the answer to, outsourced teams always added 10-15days padding on to their estimates.

Leading us to determine a few things because websites are getting easy to build, and now authentic companies are starting to come up through the ranks and telling the story of the clients.

Ready for the Outsourcing Bubble Burst – Scam Alert

I’m writing this article as more of a public service announcement, to anyone looking to outsource their work to companies online.

After seeing what an ‘outsourced SEO’ shop, with decorated logos and a beautiful website, did on our client’s website.

We started researching this mythical $8/hr full stack developer. Companies taking a subscription for increased rank, dashboards, and consultancies with decorated logos, and not a single person in the business with a technical background.

Something is fishy about this and especially fishy when they can take on an unlimited amount of customers, and only say they have a team.

Outsourcing organizations pretend to be female

Oh, so you haven’t noticed every single support chat or pre-sales email isn’t from a female? That’s the biggest web life hack of them all. They find a stock image of a woman, and crop it down, give her a name, and now you have your first employee.

Fake Outsourcing Teams in a Distant Country

They are in a distant country because it’s easier for them to scam you. That’s 90% of what’s happening currently, and big business is only getting away with using outsourced teams because they hire exceptionally gifted architects to interview, train, and manage their work 100% of the time.

That logic can be used to determine if your consultancy is worth a damn. Instead of letting them run off and work on it, ask them to work on it, in front of you, on a screen share webcast.

Did they just tell you they can’t do that? That’s likely because they are scamming you and it’s only one person managing lots and lots of accounts.

The Outsourcing Rabbit Hole

The rabbit hole leads you to a single person who lives in India, Malasia, or some distant country that removes any chance of getting your money back. There is no number to call, your lawyer will not be flying to Serbia to serve someone papers over $1000 WordPress website, and outside of emailing them to escalate, they are just one click from blocking you and taking your money.

Outsourced Rabbits tell you they have a massive team of professionals

Outsourced groups are saying they have a team of 100, 50, 30, and always with a plus sign on it.

That’s because they want to simulate a team to ensure anyone untechnical or not in the know will only jump at the idea of spending $1000 a month for a full stack developer.

Remember prominent businesses use quality teams because they manage their work and none of them are paying $8/hr. That’s a scam, and those projects fail.

What is the fraud in outsourcing to Upwork?

There are zero checks and balances when it comes to outsourced teams.

That’s why people are making multiple accounts on Upwork now.

They offer you a rate that is so low it’s silly not to send them money but when that project fails – what’s next? They make another account, you rate them poorly, they keep your money, and Upwork always wins.

Companies like Upwork were generated to be affective in ranking and not to help clients.

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