A Boring Problem Resetting Your PC – Windows 10 Safe Mode

Alright, you’re swimming in the ocean at this point if you’re touching my blog (where I type zero percent about computers or PC’s for that matter).

A boring problem resetting your PC and then your Windows 10 safe mode fails directly after that.

For some reason, the ‘reset this PC’ breaks too. We walk through all of those problems.

If you are a very techy human – scroll to the middle. If you’re not techy, read along as I will give tips, stories, and advice about this odd problem you’re facing.

A Boring Problem Resetting Your PC – Windows 10 Safe Mode
Typical Tuesdays when you can not even reset you PC. An undocumented error from the Googles of it. Microsoft ‘delete everything and reset’ has a new blue screen buddy. What am I going to do with my week now. The computer is not working. Thanks!

The reason the blog post is in your face is simply that we compiled all the data from every blog that didn’t really clearly tie the entire solution together.

This is my opinion because I had to dig through nearly 3-4 hours worth of long tail word searches.

Our solution below is working and we are just not ranking heavily because we have only been ranking for 60 days today across the entire site. This is the past 60 days at Dev3lop since the rebranding and upgrading to SSL.

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Why do we not rank high if our solution works for safe mode whatever?

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Okay, back to fixing your great Windows lappy.

You have a Problem Resetting Your PC – Windows 10 Safe Mode, lol.

Are you sitting down? Having a problem resetting your PC can really slow down the office.

Mission critical let’s get your stupid PC, I mean really great Windows 10 happy laptop to sing again.

Few people talk about this problem end to end. We noticed the data anomalies and forecasted people would need it.

Problems resetting computers, not a big deal in 2017 right?

This really doesn’t come up much but when it comes up, the content online is mixed and spam. Don’t cry just yet because we are going to help you reset your PC on Windows 10 or suggest you go buy another machine, you broke it!

upset kitty because not able to reset computer or do anything
If .gif’s are working you get to see our sad kitty face for everyone googling ‘Problem resetting windows 10 safe mode’ absolutely enjoying life googling stuff online!

Kidding, of course, we love Windows when customers do not have a VPN client that allows an Apple computer.

Windows is now so trendy they only call it windows Devices when you google ‘windows computers.’ Very Trendy.

Crap – I forgot your computer is broken and you should really consider backing up right now.

Problem Resetting Your PC – Windows 10 Safe Mode Blog Update

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Are you having a Problem Resetting PC too! Windows 10 Safe Mode Not Working?

Okay don’t get too mad, Windows 10 is new and Safe mode? Something is happening that’s probably my fault. Usually, it’s always our fault, right?

Here’s my update:

Tyler, the Founder here.

“I googled about it for half the day, noticed nothing relevant and the content that was there is spam. I even asked a few SEO experts to check – they confirmed the content was not really legit because the problem resetting PC in Windows 10 is very new!”

They have the exact same problem, leave your solution below in a comment and I will link to your website here in this blog.

Problem Resetting PC error
I have to tell my clients I have a Problem Resetting PC.

Tutorial 1: Having a Problem Resetting PC windows 10?

Tutorial 2: Error 1084: This Service Cannot Be Started in Safe Mode. (great)

We need to reset my computer because it won’t start regularly. Let me go ahead and lay out the environment to ensure we are on the same page.

Error 1084 windows logo

If you think you need to move past these steps, or want to see what happens if these do not work, here’s the next blog about Error 1084.

When in windows ten safe mode and Problem Resetting PC

After attempting to do a system restore. My get out of jail free card supplied by Microsoft Developers has to lead me to a new blue screen of death.

We did this because our MSI gaming laptop was auto closing the windows update in safe mode and our fear was it needs to be reformatted completely.

Problem Resetting PC and need to Reformat?

We hate reformatting, it’s such a large waste of time on a Windows machine, and we are going to do everything we can to avoid that waste of time.

Necessary steps: Before you start down the path of diving into the Resetting PC problem. Please take a backup of anything important on this computer before moving forward.

After a few hours of digging around, here’s a quick knowledge transfer that may help you better understand the following workflows: System restores, Windows 10 safe mode fun (how to do it), and how to open your Services to enable your windows updating the app.

Learn about System Restore before you have more Problems Resetting PC

System Restore – a method to fix software related problems on windows.

There are many ways to skin this cat when one doesn’t work, hopefully between you and me, there’s not something worse happening.

Does the system restore fail?

You can’t make this stuff up. The error may sound familiar to you. I’ve never seen it, and finding the right answers took more steps than expected.

Getting into Windows safe mode in Windows 10 no longer requires a keystroke!

Remember these days? At a given time, that was one stressful way of booting into the back end of Windows that not many enjoy doing when troubleshooting computer failures. Or in this case, blue screen after blue screen of blogs, posts, and not a lot of well-explained solutions.


Windows 10 safe mode – Problem Resetting PC: Part 1

  1. Left click your windows button.
  2. Hold shift from now until the computer restarts
  3. Left click (while holding shift) the power button.
  4. Left click restart (while holding shift).
  5. The computer will start with options, choose the option that starts the machine safely with network connectivity (if you need to get online.)

Because of the previously stated keystroke removal, which was explained by Microsoft software as ‘the windows system boots so fast, it doesn’t have time to read the keystroke.’ Pause for dramatic effect.

In windows ten safe mode, you’re looking to reset because of a setting or something along these lines! And before blasting away the reset again and debugging that, let’s try updating windows first.

IF previously, the screen was crashing, that’s due to a break in your Services being changed when moving to the Windows 10 Safe Mode.

Not sure what those are, have no fear — you’re almost done. Simplified steps below, click through and advanced shorthand.

Accessing Services in Safe mode Windows 10 – Problem Resetting PC: Part 2

  1. Left click the Start Menu
  2. Left click Control Panel
  3. Left click System and Security
  4. Left click Administrative Tools
  5. Left click Services.
  6. Select a service to adjust by double-clicking
  7. In the General tab, Startup type section, select Automatic (Delayed Start), Automatic, Manual or Disabled.

Faster method.

  2. Type ‘Services’.

Simplified steps below or feel free to use this windows forum solution to solve this.

Use case: Disabled Service:  Update Orchestrator Service:  UsoSvc

Solution: Swapping Update Orchestrator Services from manual to Automatic, an inherent trait of windows ten safe mode.

Update Orchestrator – Problem Resetting PC: Part 3

  1. Update Orchestrator Service/UsoSvc needs to be changed to Automatic.
  2. Start the service.
  4. type ‘Windows Update.’
  5. Clicked on the search for updates.

Kick off updates, and hope for the best.

Worst case scenario, you’re in safe mode, grab a flash drive and grab the important material… You could have a dirty fan! Luckily the ‘overheated fan’ and ‘all of this fun stuff above’ are hyper-productively the same error codes.

problem resetting PC, leo dicaprio laughs it off
You thought you were going to get busy working today until you had a problem resetting your PC. Don’t throw out the computer just yet!

Need further assistance resetting your PC?

If you’re still having trouble, give your local IT shop a call.

Craigslist is home to “we come to you” IT professionals, and it very well may require a deep clean if it’s been more than one year. A Problem Resetting ones PC could very well be from not waxing or spraying the fans with compressed air.

You can message us and we will do our best to help you with next steps.

Also, it’s probably a virus, probably a big fat virus.

Just reformat already!

Hey Friend, Are You Still having problems resetting PC?

Are you still having problems resetting after these steps? So were we! The next blog may help you if you’re getting the same error as we were, Error 1084.

Dev3lop is here to assist you with any extra help, feel free to drop us a note in our live chat and leave your email.