Thanks Dev3lop Clients – Dev3lop Tradition – and thanks Best Buy

Current Dev3lop Clients – They all know the tradition. Also, this week we bought a laptop from Best Buy.

Dev3lop’s client tradition.

For each new client, Dev3lop has a fancy algorithm. My wife and I grab the stroller and head over to the nature store!

Every client generates one pot, and everything is a type of drought-resistant plant!

Thanks for all the likes, follows, and plus ones.

How was your week? I met some cool people at best buy.

My computer blue screened, I’m about a week behind with some work, and I bought geek squad & priced matched a computer at Best Buy.

Did you know Best Buy sort of rocks?

After seeing, doing a data base project on Newegg, and designing another system for them to earn more revenue using their current business model primarily…

Fun home work project. Right? We didn’t win this project. Haha.

After doing that New Egg college project, I thought maybe Best Buy was done! Was looking pretty done from where I was sitting in class.

Best Buy has badass employees.

It was enjoyable to simply talk to tech people. Chatting with everyone about computers and how they break, who likes MAC vs PC, and more about their new service plan (not new, it’s been there for 2years).

Everyone was extremely personable – and even some approached, only to chat. Thanks!

Pricing matching at Best Buy Pays off

Am I getting off topic? Well, my computer broke, and I was surprised to hear they have a good deal on buying a computer and buying geek squad. I’m still wondering how they make money off of the deal.

For the sake of you thinking I’m an affiliate marketing master mind – no that’s probably not likely happening! I’m just talking about fixing computers right!?

Pro Tip – Best Buy is a great place to buy stuff? What?

With the more I’m helping local companies, I’m also helping neighbors around the area for free.

I find myself now leaning more towards recommending Best Buy oddly enough!

About 50% of the time they have the best price – pricing matching will save you a ton of money at Best Buy.

My Trip to Best Buy

I bought a little computer I’d like to use for scraping websites and automating scripts in Tableau Consulting engagements.

Also, my last windows 10 computer failed.

Then we had our first 20min downtime in hosting – no one noticed except me while I was blogging! I thought I was going to lose my work.