The Tableau definition from every darn place on the internet.

The Tableau definition from every darn place on the internet. Why did we consider this? Because a lot of people are interested in what the word means when they first hear about the product.

The founders did a ‘grade A’ job picking the company name.

Tableau Software – a company and word any data nerd knows and loves. You may know the word, and now we would like to share what the word means.

The Tableau definition and our journey.

A friend Irving told me – ‘go try tableau, there’s a free trial, hit me up when you’re done.’

A few days later I built 4 dashboards and knew I needed to use this software a lot more. But even then, I had no idea what Tableau meant.

Tableau has a couple products; Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Public, etc.

tableau definition call showing tableau twitter logo
Learning about Tableau definition? What is this Tableau everyone is talking about? This is the company logo for a data visualization company called Tableau.

We remember the first time googling Tableau definition.

Don’t feel embarrassed. I googled it too – right before taking a job there. I really had no idea what it stood for. Tables? That makes sense.

When coming into the company,…

I had an idea that they were using Tableau because it was close to the word table. My thought process or my personal tableau definition is accurate when looking at the origin of the name, which in 1690-1700, tableau was a diminutive of the word table. You know, the place where data sits before going into Tableau!

Luckily for products like Google, we can easily fact check and understand what the word means and also learn about the usage over time. It’s not an unexpected discovery to see thousands of people monthly Google Tableau definition also to do what everyone else did when they first heard of the company or product.

Tableau Definition by Google and Usage over time.

tableau definition - google icon
Tableau definition on google.

Several different sources explain the Tableau definition throughout the internet. Google defines Tableau and also offers a visual representation of the usage of the word in three different formats, really spectacular insights. Google does the best job at not only defining the term but also offering analytics regarding the usage of the word since the 1800s.

  1. a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or history; a tableau vivant.

What can we take from Google’s Tableau definition and analytics?

Something interesting to notice is even though the products of Tableau have proliferated the usage of the word, it has steadily declined and not seen an increase due to the companies usage of the name. Even though you’d believe it would be spiking because of the usage of the product, rather it’s steadily been in decline since 1980.

Tableau definition on

tableau definition -
Tableau Definition on goes at this from the plural version, or I just clicked on the wrong thing, regardless let’s comprehend what tableaux symbolizes. Maybe it can help us paint a picture.

[ta-bloh, tab-loh]
noun, plural tableaux
Orgin – 1690-1700; < French: board, picture, Middle French tablel, diminutive of table table
[ta-blohz, tab-lohz], tableaus
  1. a picture, as of a scene.
  2. a picturesque grouping of persons or objects; a striking scene.
  3. a representation of a picture, statue, scene, etc., by one or more persons suitably costumed and posed.
  4. Solitaire. the portion of a layout to which one may add cards according to suit or denomination.

British Dictionaries Tableau definition (

tableau definition -
Tableau Definition on


noun (pl) -leaux (-ləʊ ; -ləʊz), -leaus

See tableau vivant

  1. a pause during or at the end of a scene on stage when all the performers briefly freeze in position
  2. any dramatic group or scene
  3. (logic) short for semantic tableau

Word Origin and History Tableau Definition

tableau definition - a french flag
Tableau definition came from France.


The 1690s, “a picturesque or graphic description or picture,”

from French tableau “picture, painting,”
from Old French table “slab, writing tablet”(seetable(n.)) + diminutive suffix -eau,
from Latin -ellus. Hence tableau-vivant (1817) “person or persons silent and motionless, enacting a well-known scene, incident, painting, etc.,”
popular 19c. parlor game, literally “living picture.”

Tableau Desktop is a living data picture generator. It’s the life of your business.

Concluding Tableau Definition is another definition that everyone will always look up before taking a job Tableau related or speaking about Tableau!

We can reach that the usage of the word in google searches is due to the products evolution and growing user base. The founders of tableau did a superb job picking the name Tableau.

They chose a brand name from an old term that is declining in usage, defined similar to the products, and not impacted by the company picking it up. Genius.

A well-executed brand name pick, and something to take note of before deciding your next company name. Hats off to the founders at Tableau for doing their due diligence.

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