Try Google Data Studio for Free Today

Others are mentioning it, or maybe you heard something on LinkedIn?

Regrettably, after you start looking in Google Drive, you realize it’s missing. We probably broke something… hang on!

Currently, Google Data Studio is not available. Wait, what? Has Tableau desktop a competitor in the works?

Google Data studio on google - looks like they changed their links
Free business intelligence by Google Data Studio Team.

Don’t sound the alarm just yet, that’s because it’s under Beta! It’s exciting to type this blog up at midnight even.

Embedding Google Data Studio Isn’t Available Yet.

Currently Embedding it is not enabled due to some pretty obvious security issues, although a single click can carry a link, and drive you to any dashboard.

We explain in our embedding Google Data Studio blog.

Where we discuss the Google Data Studio team contacting me directly and update regularly.

Have you been wondering about Google Data Studio? Business Intelligence is about to get very interesting.

Yes, Google Studio, I sort of like that short version of you, your clean and sexy lines, you’re completely right click through operations. How are you so fast and only be in Beta, marry me? Run to your nearest google account or Gmail account and try Google Data Studio now, it is available! And it’s flawless.

Here are a quick couple of steps to help you get started.

Google Data Studio Beta – How to Access it for free.

A free business intelligence platform. I’ve been wondering for the longest time now, when will Google show us the next steps.

So, let’s jump into it. If you’ve already started, you’ve already added something to your Google Drive. This Lesson will be a little slow paced for you.

Technically speaking, you’re going to be adding them individually. That’s correct, and the icons look the same. Best to organize this early, as it may be a little confusing at first.

Follow these steps if you’re looking to increase your productivity utilizing Google Drive.

Data Sources: Oh yee Yeeeah.

Currently – data sources are coming in as a single file, like Google Analytics, and then the dashboard comes after. This is brilliant because you can share with the same efficient permission structure as all Google Apps. After using nearly every data warehousing tool, this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything this functional.

Remember the Share button on the top right of your Google Sheets?

Considering sharing your data source online with someone with a Gmail account, and they can get on their iPad, and make changes to the data type. This simple function would have saved me countless efforts of having to VPN to many windows machines to gain root access to the back end of a production data source, only to make a small change at the very end.

Let’s stop organizing Google Drive and start using Google Data Studio!

Okay, I’ll stop yammering on about the most revolutionary free business intelligence front end offering, and start using Google Data Studio!

Google Data Studio Setup Process is only 1 step.

Step 1: Click here.

Yep. That’s all it takes, you’re zapped into a free full on enterprise level Business Intelligence tool.

For free.

One more click and you’re accessing templates, building analysis, or making an utter mess.

All cool things, it’s free! Wahoo!

Now that you’re in Google Data Studio, start by clicking the Acme Marketing Dashboard.

This is particularly excellent if you’re interested in learning more about Google Analytics, Business Intelligence, and the insights it can offer you.

Given right nowComputer science was the most requested degree, with 50 percent of employers listing this qualification.

Which begs the question, who’s building your analysis? We offer an affordable Business Intelligence package. Need help with the dashboard, warehousing or reporting?

Google Data Studio will make big waves for customers

Clients looking to migrate from paid business intelligence tools to free business intelligence tools, wake up!

If you haven’t opened it, just prepared to be floored, and if you know about transitioning data around, you will want to explore the Data sources available. Let me help you:

If you’re like me, planned on the future scalability of Google Sheets, and have started compiling data in Google Sheets, then you’re in luck, and a few clicks away! One click away from being your next data source in the dashboard. With 100% access to permissions, with no subscription, no fee, and no associated costs.

This has generated instant access to analytics and now we are able to do it without sitting at our computer.