Where can you be a Tableau consultant and is White Boarding Experience Important?

Did you want to know where can you be a Tableau consultant? The answer is easier said than done.

where can i be a tableau freelance expert
Where can you be a Tableau Consultant? Hold on, let me just read a book and tell you about it. Kidding, this blog quotes a dozen massive industry experts regarding working from home, whiteboarding, and other great tips.

We prefer remote because it saves customers money. Dev3lop likes to do several days on-site before taking on large long-term engagements because it’s important to whiteboard and visually discuss the project.

Dev3 believes whiteboarding skills will make or break you as a remote Tableau expert.

Where can I be a Tableau consultant? Anywhere.

If you know about Tableau data extracts then you know you can work from anywhere in the world, without internet, period dot com.

Freelance Tableau Consultants are More Affordable and make Better Consultants

The reason this is such a heavily discussed topic is that people are Googling it. That means there are a lot of Tableau consultants looking for a lot less traveling and a lot less office time.

Freelance Tableau consultant experience weighs in if they need to be onsite or not. It is as far as you can throw your experience. Most data environments have remote access, and also working remotely is a happier lifestyle for employees.

After seeing the inside of several consultancies and training dozens of data consulting best practices, I believe it’s important for all clients to visually see the cost benefits of having someone work from their home VS working at their office. That dashboard is below.

I love showing them thousands of dollars on expenses can be saved with a simple Tableau dashboard, which I share below!

We got into details regarding white boarding and how you can still visually work with business users remotely.

Coffee shop tableau consultant
Drink coffee and optimize images. While you solve Tableau problems, build data solutions, and eat your bagel. Such rich dashboards and rich burnt coffee.

The best part of Tableau Professional Services is that Tableau software is a perfect business intelligence product.

Also, if you’ve not yet seen the price change, you will be excited to hear it’s <2$ a day for the Personal Tableau Desktop version – which you can then connect to any flat data source file.

Is becoming a freelance consultant easy?

When your current business partners see you going independent – be prepared for the drama to spread. If you’re going to do it, simply be a lot smarter than your competition.

Nothing about gaining organic clients is easy as a freelance consultant. Due diligence is the only way a freelance consultant gains engagements when working in technology industries owned by large companies who have spammed back links to their website for decades.

Unless you’re smarter than your competitors. Which you must because you’re learning about being a freelance consultant!

be smarter than your competition
Be smarter than your competition, what a great idea! You will need to be smarter than your competition to earn engagements in 2017 as a freelance consultant. Start earning extra revenue today.

I know it sounds crazy – but you absolutely have to be better than your competition to be a freelance consultant anywhere you want to be.

Why? Because companies like Interworks used illegal link schemes to generate a ranking #2 for Tableau Consulting on Google, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to rank on keywords, and that also means the most quality content is nowhere near the top page.

Their ranking. That’s on the chopping block with a smart SEO expert. Also, if people report them for their link scheme, that would impact a lot of employees.

Freelance consultants from anywhere – Only if you’re better than your competition!

If you can avoid bad business partners, it’s very easy to grow as a freelance consultancy. Most people opt to work for a company because it’s safer and the money is stable.

If you want to be a Tableau consultant and work from anywhere, start by learning what they do.

Before starting we recommend having a full-time job and building your ranking into the key phrases you desire to be a freelance agent too.

We love going to work said no one ever. Going to work was fun until the best player went freelance! Now we all want to work from home.

Some say you should save for months before going freelance. I believe this isn’t a bad idea, but just know when you start pushing your website publicly, your current employer may not be thrilled.

“You don’t need to break away from your employer as soon as you decide to go freelance. Most bosses are understanding of their employees wishing to move on and they appreciate you asking them to make a more prolonged exit.”
– A quote from benrmatthews.com.

I’ve worked in Tech companies that will walk you out immediately. Ben speaks of many things, we will agree to disagree on this strategy but if you can find a boss willing to do that, you may want to make them your client!

If you’re going to batt on your own, be prepared for a swift exit.

Why does your Tableau Career have an Office life?

Studies show the result of being in an office your entire life is not a happy lifestyle. Studies also show that flying in an airplane 24/7 is a very unhealthy lifestyle for a Tableau expert.

office life is complex working from home is scientifically better
No more office life means customers save thousands a week. We did a study and showed it to fortune 50-100 clients, and all of them were blown away by the savings. Check out the dashboard in this blog and see the savings week over week!

If you could decrease the amount you traveled to and from during your Tableau consulting engagements, then you would be more available to your family and friends. Our difference with our Tableau offering is that we are digital masters and understand how to work as team mates digitally, without being a part of the work-related stresses.

Decreases Work-Related Stress: According to several studies, remote workers reported that they had cut their stress in half by working from home. In fact, a Baseline magazine look at telecommuting reported that 82 percent of telecommuters said their overall stress level was lower, while 80 percent reported higher morale because they worked remotely.”
– A quote from Remote.co

Most management and office life still revolve around classic business relationship building. Especially in consulting. Now with innovations in products and offline reporting possibility. Being a life long Tableau Professional is becoming easier and easier to do from anywhere.

Of course, if your employer wants to spend the extra money for you to come to the office and it’s worth it to you – why bother arguing?

Tableau ProServ can be accomplished from anywhere!

Working from home offers happy consultants to happy clients. We know how to operate technology in a fashion to lower burden of engagement budgets and time savings go back into project success, you can’t beat that.

Tableau engagements on a tableau map
Where can you be a Tableau consultant? Well, I’ve been one for all of these dots on the map. Mostly onsite engagements, as the lead Tableau consultant.

If you want to be a work from home Tableau architect, you can do what I did, and learn SQL.

Also, you have to hip to the native product solutions. Like Tableau desktop; natively better than most products.

Non-technical product champions are often better kept working in the office to ensure they aren’t building any rogue SQL queries to destroy your database, we are just kidding! Right?

Rogue queries is a real cause for concern, absolutely, luckily Tableau server has Tableau data sources, and you can remove that problem entirely!

natively hip tableau solutions
Modern technology offers offline reporting and Tableau champions can take advantage of being disconnected from the database live.

“A lot of the work that can be done remotely nowadays can also be done on a flexible schedule. For example, if you’re a web developer or a content creator, you can most likely do your coding or writing whenever it suits you as long as you meet your deadlines. So, night owls, rejoice! You can still put in your eight hours without starting at 8 AM.”
– A quote from TheMuse.

We do our BI consulting from home and also enjoy local businesses around Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin Texas, Plano, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and even Denver!

Here’s where I’ve been a Tableau Consultant around the globe!

where you can be a tableau consultant in a dashboard on tableau desktop
The Tableau dashboard shows where I’ve been a Tableau Consultant while working for Tableau software for some years and also as a Freelance Tableau Expert. The work experience was just a few years of time! Most of these Tableau professional service engagements were on site too! We dig making awesome dashboards.

This dashboard above was built in a script that automates coordinates based on Google Maps. A free tech tutorial we offer on our blog!

The beauty of Tableau Desktop is that it allows me to tell virtually any data story with ease. Just showing you a massive roster of clients is silly when I can map it on a dashboard in Tableau!

Be a virtual freelance Tableau Consultant

Virtually anywhere with some wifi will do just fine as a Tableau office.

Most companies, even the 100+-year-old companies I’ve worked with still have VPN capabilities for ad-hoc mobile consulting.

Best practices say you should try to establish a daily routine

“Must be nice to sit around in your pajamas all day!” I heard this joke a lot when I started working from home. And as tempting as it may be to work all day from bed, I’ve found that I’m much less productive when I don’t stick to a daily routine.”
– A quote from GetDoneDone

Mobile consulting cuts down the price in asking considerably. Look at the last thing we sent to our client to explain why they didn’t want to do five days on site each day!

Saving big money for tableau professional services is important to dev3lop.com
San Fransisco clients were curious of the price analysis. So, we broke it down in excel, posted in Tableau, and boom – they were more interested in 2 days on site, easy win for their upper management team.

Saving clients money is our bottom line at Dev3lop. They were able to buy three times more hours after seeing our Tableau dashboard

So, where can you be that surprising Tableau champion?

  • You can be a Tableau consultant anywhere you desire.
  • Most Tableau Product Consultants do not need to be onsite. This saves customers thousands a week.
  • And considering they will be doing most of their work in the product, a lot of Tableau developer are requesting work from home 100%.
    • Offsite Tableau expertise allows business owners access to solutions globally and at rates they can’t get locally.
  • Dev3lop best practice for onsite engagements: We like to make an appearance early in long term strategic meetings, and make sure we can whiteboard the go to market strategy for the entire consulting engagement.

Solution Architects and Tableau Experts know how to White Board Ideas

You can be a Tableau dragon slayer any day of the week but can you do it working from home? Better have a few years of experience whiteboarding before taking on building a Tableau consultancy.

Tableau Experts are designed to keep you from spinning your wheels when building dashboards, regrettably not all Tableau product experts are created equally. They know how to keep it simple, exciting, and fun.

Most Tableau experts know how to keep it simple, interesting, and fun. We are aware business users are visual learners.

Did you know business users are visual learners? Why would you show them the backend of the clock?

Show visual learners visual analytics
Business users are visual learners when it comes to showing new business intelligence products or reports.

Show them what time it is!

I’ve been told my advanced training classes were the most fun Tableau training they had ever had. It’s generally because I find myself actively using the white board instead of the product because business users are visual learners!

“Even if you have no artistic flair, you can use sketches, illustrations, photographs, symbols, graphs, and diagrams. Good images don’t just decorate; they add meaning to your message. They can make a point, connect the dots, and help people learn. And when you convey your meaning quickly, you win.”
According to researched complied by 3M, the corporation behind Post-it Notes, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, which means you can paint a picture for your audience much faster with an actual picture. It’s no surprise then that HubSpot’s social-media scientist Dan Zarrella found tweets with images are 94% more likely to be retweeted than tweets without.”
– A quote from the Fastcompany.

That’s why I usually leave my laptop in the hotel – White boarding is Everything

Bring the color markers, dry eraser, and ask ahead of time to secure a place with windows at the bare minimum. As a remote consultant, I prefer Google Slides.

Whiteboard project deadlines and project goals to ensure success for your clients. We use Google Slides because usually we only work remote.

Sure, they like to play stump the chump when you’re first starting out as a data analyst. That’s why it’s important to be able to white board beyond product knowledge in consulting situations. At Dev3lop, believe without a database background it’s hard to stand in front of a company and give the full swing of hundreds of solutions.

Being a Pro Tableau Consultant Means – Never Table Anything!

My least favorite trick I’ve seen practiced in remote consulting is saying, ‘Let’s table that.’ We feel that this is a bad habit to get into, and that’s why we are experienced consultants in lots of services.

Tabling can't be the only answer when tableau consultants need help
You can be a consultant anywhere if you can answer every question. Without tabling it.

If you want to work from anywhere and not for a company, you can’t always table engagement road bumps because of it being too challenging. The mighty Tableau freelance consultants around the world know never to say never, and product limitations are an excellent way to show your value during crunch time.

Be a consultant anywhere – Just be able to whiteboard!

Working remotely gives you the luxury of knocking out real world things, like building a family, and offering jobs to smart consultants locally.

Building everything in the product and not white boarding is the last thing any serious business intelligence team is doing.

  • Learn how to White board and lower missed expectations: White boarding and setting expectations are necessary.
    • We take pictures of the whiteboard and email them around to ensure everyone is still on the same page.
    • This helps misunderstandings when the projects get going.

“If you have a whiteboard, you can diagram navigation pathways, let multiple hands demonstrate their ideas, and use quick drafts to shape better website wireframes for your designers. Whiteboards bring together non-technical marketers and your development team to have a more complete conversation.”
– A Quote from the Weirdtgroup.

White Board The Requirements – Most Job Interviews are White Boarding Intensive

More and more whiteboarding turns into the lead solution architect role. When I worked at Kroger, I was mostly on the white board talking about the project from the blimp view.

Whether it’s an interview or group whiteboarding session, be sure to draw the objectives. Planning phases of every new project should be accomplished before the project contracts are generated.

project plans help you understand where you can be a tableau consultant
Clearly, identify the project plan with the budget owners and project leaders.

Now don’t go thinking I’m stuck on drawing lines to dots, I also indulge and dive into helping the ETL developers and tableau product consultants while managing the project with the director. If you want to see some hard stuff, check out my free tableau server automation script.

“A whiteboard interview is your chance to demonstrate your technical knowledge when presented with a coding problem. Whiteboard interviews are common at many levels, so even if you’re applying for your very first job as a frontend developer, you might need to demonstrate your coding chops live.”
– A Quote from Skillcrush.

  • White boarding: Draw out who the players are, their name, email, phone number, are they available for everyone including;
    • the data champions
    • the system admins
    • the network admins
    • the interns
    • the office admins
    • the developers
    • middle management
      • who simply needs to explain what’s important and when to get it done
    • executive team
      • what do they need to see, what’s important, what alerts do they need, what’s important

Remote Freelance Tableau Consultants

More bang for your buck. Our consultants are fresh, happy to help, no onsite fees, and we whiteboard digitally!